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PCA has always been committed to finding solutions for the issues that the painting industry faces. In order to help painting contractors continuously grow and improve, PCA offers daily content. Created both in-house and by industry leaders, a variety of perspectives and topics are covered.

We’ve compiled PCA’s top ten trending podcast episodes of the summer. Whether you have yet to listen or simply want to give them another go, we’re sure you’ll take away useful information that you can apply to your business.

The Importance of Saying No: Brothers of the Brush

This episode features Chris Kerfoot and Paul Cooper of Bear Improvements. The two discuss various topics, such as saying no, maintaining an ideal work-life balance and the value of prioritizing health.


How to Stop Just Dreaming & Start Empire Building: Contractor Evolution

Benji Carlson and Igor Trninic sit down with Luke Hansen, founder and CEO of CompanyCam. The three unpack the problem Luke saw in his own business that led to the creation of CompanyCam, how photo-sharing empowers your staff and requires far less of the owner’s time and more.


Interior Brush and Roller Basics: Ask a Painter

Nick Slavik discusses how a paint roller is a quick and easy way to change the look of your home’s interior and exterior walls, how using a paint roller will save you a lot of time and more topics on the basics of interior brushes and rollers.


Back Office Management: PaintedED

Torlando Hakes talks with Michelle Myers about managing the family business, work-life balance and why it’s important to manage back-office for small businesses.


Mastering the Basics of Wall Painting: Ask a Painter

In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik demonstrates the basics of wall painting and shows the exact ways he trains his apprentices to paint like a pro.


3X Base Part 2: Advice from a Young Tradesman

Join Noah Kanter as he recaps the holiday season, discusses Connor McLaughlin’s scheduling fiasco, and then goes down a rabbit hole talking about the intersection between personal and business finance, benefits and retirement plans.


The WORST Work Tools: Brothers of the Brush

Chris Kerfoot sits down with Jamie Bourne of the Abode Decorating Training Academy, based in Wiltshire. In this episode, the two discuss bad work tools, motorway working and keyboard warriors.


Place Profit First: Marketing Masterminds

The founder and owner of Paint Track Painting Services, Ray Rahni, discusses how he built his company to a revenue of over $1 million but explains why he doesn’t prioritize sales. He discusses the value of prioritizing profit, how he inspires his painters, some difficult lessons he learned, how to pivot successfully as an entrepreneur and MORE!


Interviewing Fundamentals: Contractor Evolution

James Alisch joins Benji Carlson and Igor Trninic to cover how to understand a candidate – not just in terms of what is on their resume, but their deep-rooted wiring, personality style, strengths, weaknesses, core values, and wants and needs for the future.


Clarity in Vision: PCA Today

Lauren Fink went from a career in journalism to becoming a painting contractor. Her first year has gone smoother than most, and she attributes a lot of her early success to the resources and connections she’s made at PCA. In this episode, Lauren discusses her path into the trade, her first EXPO and how PCA’s Painter Training program is helping her business.


Stay Up to Date with PCA’s Podcasts

All of these top-performing episodes, along with all of the other podcasts PCA publishes, can be found for free on streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and SoundCloud. The video version of these podcasts can even be found via PCA’s content hub, PCA Overdrive. PCA Overdrive is free to all PCA members. Nonmembers can register for a 7-day free trial with subscription options of $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Become a PCA Member in less than five minutes by signing up online.

PCA wants to continuously offer content that will address the problems that professionals in the industry have in order to be a reliable resource for craftsmen when they need it. These ten thought-provoking podcasts have already provided great value to multiple individuals, and are available to listen to at any time of day. Whether you’re looking to expand your business, need guidance on how to strike a healthy work-life balance, or even need some life advice, PCA has the content for you.

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