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Painter Training Interior Level 2 is Here!

Cultivated from years of experience from industry professionals, PCA’s Painter Training Series continues to grow to include more in-depth skills training. With modules in both English and Spanish, Level 2 will further assist business owners in onboarding new staff and getting them out in the field utilizing suitable techniques. The series consists of videos, lessons, and quizzes, and individuals who complete each level successfully will receive certificates that can be used as an indicator of when they should be promoted.

Filming and Production of Interior Level 2

Julie Ethan, PCA’s Education Program Manager, has been very involved during the process of filming and producing the Painter Training Series.

“I would say Interior 1 is prep level A, while Interior 2 is prep level B. We’re still prepping but it’s getting much more skill-intensive. You’re actually learning how to repair drywall before you paint it, how to fill holes, patch trim, a little deeper into protection and prepping skills,” said Ethan.
The series goes back and forth between in-studio learnings and real-job site teachings, which is what sets PCA’s training series apart from many other “how-to” videos. These lessons start with a broad view of the subject, but then really hone into as much detail as possible to provide the best experience for the learners.

The Informative Topics of Interior Level 2

The Interior Level 2 course consists of eight videos on various topics that each give an in-depth look at how to perform the skills according to operating procedures as well as explanations on why each step is necessary. The topics of these videos cover surface preparation, fine sanding for adhesion, drywall repair prep, drywall repair, drywall pro tips & butterfly patch, priming walls, filling nail holes in trim and hand masker & cabinet bagging.

The videos can be accessed through our content hub, PCA Overdrive, or to have the full experience of the course including quizzes and certifications, you can enroll on our website.

What to Expect After Completing the Modules

After completion of Interior Level 2, craftsmen will be more qualified and knowledgeable to assist in work on interior-specific projects, especially when it comes to prep work.

“Individuals completing this level will be ready to step onto any job site and be incredibly useful to the crew leader, because they can handle the prep work while others are doing the upper-level skills,” said Ethan.

Some people associate prep work with only protecting surfaces; however, this series not only covers preparation but also covers surface repair, so those who complete Level 2 can be as hands-on as possible while supporting their crew leaders.

Key Takeaways for the New Modules

PCA is confident that the newest addition to the Painter Training Series, Interior Level 2, will further assist business owners hoping to onboard new hires, as well as individuals looking to enhance their skills. For PCA members, we provide free access to these modules as a token of appreciation for their continuous dedication to the craft. For non-members, access to the series is still available for $99 per person, per course.

We’re excited about the progress of the Painter Training Series so far, and we will be working hard daily to guarantee that upcoming releases are just as valuable when it comes to the advancement of training, education and preparation for the field.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the Painter Training Series, please contact Julie Ethan jethan@pcapainted.org.

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