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Hiring Qualified Candidates

Hiring Qualified Candidates

Did you know that recruiting skilled employees is one of the top difficulties in the painting sector in 2022? With the help of PCA’s recruiting platform powered by VivaHR, hiring should be a lot easier, allowing business owners to focus even more on training and retaining these qualified professionals.

In a recent webinar, the founder of VivaHR, Ryan Naylor, shared the best ways to optimize your hiring process and how to be in the top 5% of hiring companies.


What is VivaHR?

“VivaHR is part of the PCA ecosystem,” said Naylor on Tuesdays with PCA. “We have worked with PCA diligently to create a job board to drive more awareness to jobs in the painting industry.”

This job board is unlike any other, because it is built specifically for small businesses. Since big corporations get more visibility on their job posts, smaller companies have less of a chance to stand out. This employment platform makes it easy for small business owners to post jobs and for devoted, qualified, and motivated people to find them.

How Can You Make the Most of this Platform?

A/B Testing

One thing a lot of people may have wrong is that an open position should only have one job posting per platform, but that is far from the truth. “When hiring, one job is not enough,” says Naylor. “We should be creating multiple job postings for the one position we are looking to fill.”

Being creative with the position title and verbiage throughout the job description is essential to creating more visibility; however, it is important to ensure that each listing is still the same regarding requirements, duties, qualifications, etc.

Writing a Good Job Description

Keeping the copy of the job description professional may seem like an obvious tip, but sometimes the smallest and most honest errors can result in your postings being less visible. “A bunch of exclamation points and ‘bonus this, bonus that,’ it doesn’t work. Frankly, a lot of the job boards have algorithms to actually limit visibility if you have exclamation points in the job title.”

Be aware of these tactics to increase our visibility – take into consideration things like compelling listings, grabbing the attention of the user from the beginning, and clearly saying what you would do for them to effectively appeal to the person looking at your job post.

What NOT to Do

There are quite a few tips when it comes to what you should do to have a great job description; however, there are a handful of things that should be avoided if you’re looking for a new hire through a job board site. “We want to have this vision a salesperson can make, right? Unfortunately, sometimes we kind of blow that up a little bit too much, and then candidates leave really quickly.”

Being upfront in a job posting is much more ideal for candidates than being led on and let down if they are to be hired.

Final Takeaways

A job listing may not be at the top of a business owner’s priority list, though it is very important to know which platforms to use, the do’s and don’ts of job listings, and much more to attract candidates that are a good fit.

PCA’s job board is geared at painting experts, so business owners will receive not just more prospects, but also higher-quality ones, allowing business owners to avoid saying “I can’t find the right workers.”

The job portal is accessible to PCA members on the website, allowing people from anywhere in the United States to apply to your listings. These listings can be posted on PCA’s website for $45 each. For $75/month, you can have unlimited postings, which are distributed to all the major job boards, including PCA’s website, Indeed, Career Builder, and more. Access to VivaHR’s services is only one of the many advantages of PCA membership – all members receive a 45% discount to help them find more qualified workers.

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