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Ask-A-Painter Live Summer Retreat 2022

Nick Slavik and Amy Slavik will be hosting a live retreat from August 30th to September 2nd in Nasswa, MN. Connect with likeminded people in accountability, inspiration, introspection; all while you enjoy the outdoors. Cost of event: Alumni - $1.5k; New Attendees - $2k. Please note, pricing includes lodging, private chef meals, drinks, boats/outdoor stuff,…

PCA Master Class with Nick Slavik

SurfPrep SurfPrep Sanding Facility, 571 Birch Street, Lake Elsinore, CA

PCA Industry Partner SurfPrep Sanding is hosting a PCA Master Class - October 28, 2022 at the SurfPrep facility in Lake Elsinore, CA! This will be a spectacular day of learning with one another will while attending a Master Class with Nick Slavik! It’s always so invigorating to attend in person events with your painting…

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