Immediate Past Chair and Education Foundation Chair

Jason Paris

Company: Paris Painting

Location: Golden Valley, MN


Jason is a Minnesota native who graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in economics. His dream was always to pursue owning his own business, and while completing his business studies he was introduced to the painting industry through a college program where he managed painting crews and sales. After graduating, he was equipped with the skills and industry knowledge to launch his own painting business, Paris Painting, which quickly grew into an industry leader as an example of how professionalized painting businesses can excel and scale. Since then, Jason’s business ventures have continued to diversify into other specialty trades, informed by the skills he gained working in the painting industry. As a family man, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, participating in his local and church communities.

Jason’s ability to inspire support and friendship in those around him has spurred an active community of painters near his home in Minnesota, and he enjoys collaborating with others in the industry as well. Jason is a recognized leader in PCA, sharing his perspectives on effective management and supporting PCA’s initiatives with what has come to be known as his characteristic humble leadership style.

“The industry is better off with a thriving PCA, it’s historical significance and non-profit ethos continue to give it a high impact opportunity. The PCA is an institution worth putting effort into and I’m thrilled to be able to build off the shoulders of the leaders before me.”