Juan Vasquez

Location: Sand City, CA


Juan Vasquez is the co-owner and founder of Illusions Painting Inc. With over 25 years in the industry, Juan set out to create a sustainable business by putting together the right team and keeping innovation and integrity at the front line. Juan is also the co-creator of the podcast Los Pintores, where he and business partner Jose Hernandez share stories and bring valuable information to painting contractors across America.

Juan founded Illusions Painting Inc. in 2007 and, for over 15 years, he has created a respectable reputation by exceeding clients’ expectations. In 2018 Juan joined the PCA (Painting Contractors of America) which opened the doors to a new chapter in his professional life. In 2022, Juan was asked to become a speaker for the  CA. In this capacity he was able to travel across the nation sharing his story and advocating for the Hispanic painting community.

Juan and his business partner Jose have worked on creating a sustainable business model based, in no small way, on the tools and resources made available to them by the PCA. As a consequence of his dedication to, and passion for, the industry and the association Juan was asked to join the PCA Board of Directors in 2023.

Juan migrated from Oaxaca Mexico with his family at the age of 12. By becoming a parent at the age of 16 he fell into the painting industry, as many painters with limited formal education do. He worked as a painter for six years before starting his own painting business. As a Mexican contractor Juan overcame many cultural and language barriers and what started as a way to put food on the table has now become one of his greatest passions. Juan is dedicated to bringing awareness to Hispanic contractors across the nation.