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PCA Painting Contractors 2020 Expo, Interactive Workshop, Systems to implement the trade best practice series in your company.

EXPO Workshop: Implementing the Trade Best Practice Series

Totally new this year at the EXPO, we’re offering interactive workshops on four key topics: training, marketing, hiring and management. In these workshops, you’ll learn new methods and how to apply strategies from industry experts. When you finish, you will walk away with a custom master plan built for your own business.

Each workshop has two sessions. In the first session, you’ll hear from experts and get an introduction to the topic. Prior to starting, you’ll have a pre-class worksheet to fill out to hone in on your business goals and where your business is today. We’ll use your responses to guide the conversation and share the information most beneficial to the attendees.

In the second session, you’ll spend time developing the master plan for your business, asking questions, and exploring new ideas with the workshop leader and your peers.

Implementing the Trade Best Practice Series

One of our new workshops is all about showing you how you can implement the Trade Best Practice Series in your company.

The Trade Best Practice Series is a series of videos produced by PCA to help business owners onboard new employees and train current employees. The videos give a look into the painting industry and teach what it means to be part of a painting company’s team. They also teach the basics of how to prep, clean, sand, prime, paint and more.

The Trade Best Practice Series is a new resource for the industry, and we are continuously adding new materials. Around EXPO time, we’ll be adding new instructional materials, learning pathways and other training aids.

The education team at PCA has been developing this resource, and our Education Director, Chris Shank will be leading the workshop. He’ll share inside insight and give a look at the ins and outs of the Trade Best Practice Series.

What You’ll Get Out of This Workshop

In this two-part session, you’ll create a master plan to start using the Trade Best Practice Series to train new employees individually or in a classroom. We’ll also help you develop a plan for using this resource to train existing employees.

In addition to the master plan you will customize, we’ll send you home with a quick reference guide that has all the key takeaways from the workshop. This will be your go-to resource when you continue to apply the topics you learned.

You won’t want to miss the workshop sessions this year at EXPO. For the first time ever, you’ll leave the EXPO with every actionable step you need to get started with a totally new business plan.

We can’t wait to share all of the top industry training and resources with you this February. Click here to complete your EXPO registration.