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PCA Painter Training Is Here!

Contractors: get ready to unwrap something better than an Official Red Ryder carbine action BB gun. The secret weapon PCA is about to unveil is sure to hit the target with better velocity than the Red Ryder. It’s guaranteed not to shoot your eye out, but it might just blow your socks off. Our triple-dog-dare gift is going to make your day over and over again as you grow your crew in 2022.

PCA Painter Training (English / Spanish) takes learners to the jobsite to learn from experts. And not just any experts. We put the professional in painting by basing the series on the tried-and-true Craftsman Operating Procedures (COPs). This is not about watching someone do a technique and talk about it. This is in-depth instruction on how to execute the skill including the “why” for each procedural step.

It just gets better. You can watch our series in English or in Spanish with a Spanish speaking instructor. Never before has a training series in painting been laid out in the two most commonly spoken languages in the country—side-by-side—with bilingual quizzes featuring photos instead of text-only answers.

We’ve thought of everything. Each series of 8 videos is a natural career ladder to knowing when to promote a tradesperson. The Interior Level 1 series will get beginners started with topics like how to operate a cordless drill and remove door and cabinet hardware; how to tape baseboards like a real pro; how to clean brushes depending on which product they were used in; how to prep and protect floors including carpets and wood floors; and which tools are the most important for a tradesperson to carry with them on interior jobs.

The PCA Painter Training series builds on the introduction to the trade provided in PCA’s Trade Best Practice (TBP) series. TBP gives a new tradesperson a complete and comprehensive background on all the trade has to offer in terms of career options, while introducing all the basic skills. Moving into PCA Painter Training, you’ll find tactical training, pro-tips, a recap on all of the steps and a final, resounding: Now You Try It! To encourage return demonstrations.

Use the videos as refresher material at company meetings or pick and choose topics for remedial training of individual painters by joining PCA Overdrive – free to members. For a sequential course, topic-by-topic complete with quizzes and a digital certificate of completion, enroll your painters in our online platform for—$99.00 per course for nonmembers, and free to members with the discount code.

Hey, this “better than a Red Ryder BB gun” might be the perfect enrichment for your administrative staff, as well.

Click here for step-by-step course enrollment instructions for your crew.