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Affordable Health Coverage Arrives

Affordable Healthcare is now a reality in the painting industry. Gone are the days when you need full employee participation, or a full census just to get a quote. Even if you were part of the lucky few who could offer health coverage to your people, the plans were usually high-deductible, which shifted most of the responsibility to the employee. To make matters worse these traditional plans were still cost prohibitive to the business making it difficult or impossible to compete in today’s market.

Revenue is not the only thing a business owner needs to consider. In fact, chronic employee turnover can quickly add up to being a huge business expense. Depending on seniority and role, the cost of employee turnover is 1.5 to 2 times the salary of each employee. Health benefits are an excellent employee retention tool because they are important to people. So much so that 56% of workers said employer-provided health coverage was a key factor when deciding whether to remain at their current jobs, according to a survey released by America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP).

The Health Benefit Alliance (HBA), is designed to provide truly affordable, ACA-compliant, health insurance. It is built on copay plans, not high deductibles. There are customizable options with significantly lower rates when compared to traditional health plans. Coverage is available only for PCA member companies, and can be tailored for teams as small as 2 employees.

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