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Affordable Health Coverage Arrives

Affordable Healthcare has come to the painting industry. Gone are the days when you need full employee participation, or a full census just to get a quote. Even if you were part of the lucky few who could offer health coverage to your people, the plans were usually high-deductible, which shifted most of the responsibility to the employee. To make matters worse is that these plans were still cost prohibitive to the business.

The Health Benefit Alliance (HBA), is designed to provide truly affordable, ACA-compliant, health insurance. It is built on copay plans, not high deductibles. There are customizable options with rates significantly lower compared to traditional health plans for PCA member companies with 2 to 20K employees.

How is HBA different from Traditional Health Insurance?


Health Insurance HBA
High deductibles No deductible – $0
High co-insurance Reasonable co-pays
1 or 2 choices 11 options, each customizable
75% participation requirement 25% or less required
Employee and dependent census collection No census required
Variable rates based on age Same flat rate for all
Limited doctor and hospital network Access to the largest doctor network in the country and any hospital in the US
Expensive Rates as much as 40% lower
Only for full-time employees Open to ANY employee
50% minimum contribution No mandatory contribution


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