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Art Snarzyk, the founder of InnerView Advisors, Inc., is an entrepreneur and manager with a career spanning since 1996, possessing a profound understanding of human behavior. His quest to decipher why some individuals succeed while others falter led to the development of predictive insights into human traits.

Referred to as “The Turnover Terminator,” Art excels in hiring exceptional employees and igniting their potential to achieve organizational goals. With a background spanning pharmaceutical companies, software development, and co-ownership of a successful painting contracting firm, Art is a respected Organizational Behaviorist, guiding companies in hiring and managing top talent. He is celebrated for his unique insights, extensive coaching, and for delivering exceptional value to clients.  He is also a dedicated to the painting industry and PCA, and honored to have received the PCA’s Associate Member of the Year Award.

His consulting company, InnerView Advisors provides the deepest, most practical human insights… to make people’s lives richer.