Family Financial Planning for Painting Contractors

As a business owner, do you feel pressure to make business decisions that benefit your family and pose as little risk to them as possible? That can be quite the feat, especially considering the fact that owning a business has its ups and downs, and requires a certain measure of risk-taking.

On this episode of PaintED, Deb Meyer from Worthy Nest and author of Redefining Family Wealth: A Parent’s Guide To Purposeful Living, talks with us about the challenges business owners face in balancing short-term cash flow with long-haul financial planning and investment. The overlap between personal finances and investment in one’s business can become a little blurred from time to time, and knowing how to prioritize the right kinds of savings and investments can make a big difference in what Deb refers to as “money mindset.” Deb specializes in challenging conventional ideas about money, especially when it comes to the intersection of money and family values. For the thousands of business owners trying so hard to navigate difficult decisions, not for themselves only, but for their families and children; Deb is a voice of calm and reason. We need that.