Ladder Safety Essentials for Your Team

Ladders. We all use them. We all talk about them. But ladder safety is one of those things that is the easiest to ignore and brush off the more busy we get.

On this episode of Paint ED we chat with a few members from PCA’s new sister trade organization, the American Ladder Institute, about ladder safety. We talk to Mike Van Bree of Louisville Ladders, Dave Francis of Little Giant Ladders, and Mike Melton of Werner Ladders—all members of the American Ladder Institute—about the things we think we all know about ladder safety, but about which we always need more good education and constant reminders. You know why–because one bad fall can ruin a life, and of course it can ruin a business. As business owners, you have people’s lives and livelihoods in your hands. It’s an awesome responsibility. Aren’t you glad there are people who want to help you with that? So take a few things from the podcast and share them with your employees and your leadership team this month. Or think about playing this entire podcast out-loud at a team meeting or distributing it across the company to raise ladder safety awareness.

To learn more about The American Ladder Institute or Ladder Safety Month, visit