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Accuracy in Estimating Month

We hosted live training sessions throughout the month of May which covers everything contractors need to know about estimating. We encourage you to purchase the “PCA Cost & Estimating Guide Combo Set: Vol. I & Vol. II” to enhance your learning experience.

You can purchase the books here or by calling 1-800-332-7322.

Members can watch these webinars by logging in and clicking the links below.

May 2, 4 PM CT
Top 5 Estimating Strategies: What They Are, How They Work, and Which Ones Are Worth Your Time

May 9, 4 PM CT
10 Rules of Estimating: Fundamental Principles For More Profitable Estimating

May 16, 4 PM CT
Production Rates and Strategies for Problematic Rates

May 23, 4 PM CT
Basics of Blueprint Reading

May 30, 4 PM CT
Why Hearing ‘No’ is Often More Important Than Hearing ‘Yes’ in Selling