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Driving Winter Painting Sales

It’s About the Numbers, Not the Feelings

The winter months can be a productive time of year for your business. Rather than letting the cold drain your bank account and cause your employees to seek work elsewhere, use the colder months to boost your sales and get your business off to a great start for the year ahead.

In this podcast, Brandon Lewis will give you 7 strategies to combat the usual slump that the cold weather brings and show you that it’s all about the numbers.

Brandon Lewis“It’s not all doom and gloom in the winter,” Lewis explains, “people are still buying paint and need projects completed.”

Brandon offers direction to help contractors not only find work in slow months, but also capitalize on a season prime for lead generation and ‘social proofing’. Get all the tips that you need right now to keep your business going strong and make for a successful year ahead. 

This podcast is available now as part of your PCA membership or download 7 Strategies For Driving Winter Painting Sales below.


DOWNLOAD: 7 Strategies For Driving Winter Painting Sales


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