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Coating Concrete

PPG PERMA-CRETE Masonry Coatings Provide Protection, Durability and Beauty

  • Concrete is a popular and versatile artificial building material prone to chemical and physical issues if left uncoated.
  • Selecting the right product to protect concrete surfaces and structures is important to prevent common issues and prolong the life and look of a project.
  • PPG PERMA-CRETE® Masonry Coatings line of products can help Pros overcome typical project obstacles with confidence.

Concrete is one of the most popular artificial building materials in existence. Its popularity comes from its ability to be used in just about any environment for virtually any project. From pavers to roof tiles and stucco, concrete materials are all around us. Because concrete is versatile and commonplace, it’s important for Pros to know how to best protect and enhance their concrete projects by choosing the right coating system and properly applying it.

Protecting Your Project Against Common Concrete Issues

While concrete is a material known for its toughness, when left uncoated this hard substrate can fall victim to various chemical and physical hazards like chalking, efflorescence, laitance, blistering, staining, alkali burn, frosting, cracking and mold/mildew.

In addition to preventing these common and serious forms of deterioration, applying a coating to concrete can protect products stored within or processed in direct contact with the substrate from contamination.

Concrete coatings also have aesthetic benefits. For instance, applying a coating to a concrete material can improve the appearance of the surface, providing benefits such as light reflection and decreasing maintenance needs.

At the most basic level, applying a coating to concrete prolongs the look and life of a structure.

Choosing the Right Coating System for Your Masonry Needs

Proper selection and use of concrete coatings should lead to a successful and aesthetically pleasing job. Due to the common issues with concrete applications, specialized coatings, as opposed to exterior architectural paints, are usually required to meet concrete and masonry project needs. Fortunately, a wide variety of coatings are available for every kind of masonry substrate available on the construction market. To simplify the selection of a specialty coating for a concrete structure, it helps to look at products in the following five category groups:

  • Fillers, Primers and Sealers: Fillers and primers are ideal for tilt-up concrete, brick, concrete block and stucco and masonry substates. They can be used to reinforce the performance of an exterior acrylic paint and provide protection against outdoor elements like wind and rain. Sealers offer a wide range of performance characteristics and attributes. From acrylic to silane siloxanes, from penetration to film-forming, sealers can seal chalky or porous substrates, repel water, prevent water penetration and provide exceptional hot tire resistance.
  • Elastomerics: Elastomerics have the ability to bridge cracks that develop in a masonry wall. Specially formulated for flexibility, elastromerics can stretch and contract to accommodate substrate movement resulting from temperature change. This flexible crack-bridging ability results in a long-lasting, uniform finish that enhances the appearance of the masonry building. Elastomeric products are excellent for coastal locations that typically experience hurricane-like weather.
  • Textured Coatings: Textured coatings are designed to be applied over concrete, cinder block and stucco surfaces, to create a protective layer and provide waterproofing with enough flexibility to bridge gaps and cracks. The texture of the coating also helps aesthetically by hiding surface imperfections.
  • Topcoats, Vertical Above-Grade: High-performance, vertical above-grade topcoats can provide quality, protection and beauty on a range of masonry projects. These coatings protect your concrete substrate against severe sun, wind-driven rain, heat, humidity, dirt, salt air and efflorescence – both enhancing and protecting the appearance of the concrete.
  • Topcoats, Horizontal Capable: Concrete stain can transform a drab driveway, patio or sidewalk with a great new look while protecting the surface from the elements.

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Solutions for concrete and masonry needs can be found in a wide variety of products, each recommended for specific surface problems, conditions or applications.

The PPG PERMA-CRETE® Masonry Coatings line offers a family of products, spanning all categories, including fillers, primers and sealers; elastomerics; textured coatings and topcoats, both vertical above-grade and horizontal capable. With unrivaled performance characteristics to meet the demands of an extensive array of surface conditions, Perma-Crete products solve job site issues and prevent future problems from developing.

For more information on the PPG Perma-Crete product line, check out PPGPaints.com.

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