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Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders: Scholarship Opportunity Now Available

We are now accepting applications for the A.E. Robert Friedman PCA Scholarship. This scholarship is open to any…

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PCA Roundtable Discussion Recap

PCA Roundtable Discussion Recap

With the recent change in seasons, many contractors have seen a shift in the way work is done.…

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Using Foundational Estimating Procedures

10 Tips For Estimating

Estimates are one of the most important tools to help you land the next job. During one of…

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Shaking Hands Over a Bid.

Closing the Estimate Loop

You know that moment when you’re standing there with a prospect nearing the end of a bid, and…

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Local Opportunities Through PCA Councils, Getting Involved Locally.

Utilize Your Membership, Locally

Getting involved locally is a great way to utilize your PCA membership and connect with other contractors in…

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Estimating Guide

Accuracy in Estimating Month

We hosted live training sessions throughout the month of May which covers everything contractors need to know about…

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business boosters ideas and plans

Five Business Boosters

At PCA we work with small business owners in the painting industry across North America – and beyond.…

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PCA A. E. Robert Friedman Scholarship Winners 2018-2019

Scholarship Recipients Selected

PCA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019 A.E. Robert Friedman Scholarship as selected by the…

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Landing Big Commercial Repaint Jobs

What Are You Doing to Keep the Work Coming?

Landing big commercial repaints can be a challenge, and many aren’t sure where to start. In this podcast,…

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